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  1. nimesh
    12Jun2009 20:14
    I can get that from your answers to $1 competition
  2. SaswatPadhi
    12Jun2009 18:47
    My plans, well ... I had appeared for IIT and AIEEE only.
    In IIT, I ended up with AIR 4300 and in AIEEE, I have state rank 12.

    May be no one would believe me(but I don't have to prove to anyone) that, I could easily be within top 500 in IIT; if I had not made some mistakes as silly as 9+9=9 !

    So, I think I will drop this year and re-appear IIT next year
  3. nimesh
    12Jun2009 18:39
    Well, what are your plans ahead?
    I mean after XII
  4. nimesh
    12Jun2009 18:37
    You may be the youngest here but I think you are the brightest one too
    Seriously, feels good to know someone with such knowledge

    I can't even think of going above 90. Even 90 would be too tough for me
    The maximum that I scored in my life was 71.6
    But now I don't feel like that, because everyone around me knows much less about computers than me
    except a few who are brilliant and knows more, but different than what I know

    I live and work in Thane, just close to Mumbai.
    Which is around half an hour far from IIT-B, by Bus

    I work in a CRO [wiki], as Oracle Application Administrator
    But I do lot more stuff than this
  5. SaswatPadhi
    12Jun2009 17:54
    But I am 4th in my state State topper scored 97.0 % !!
    You know, in my 10th I was 3nd in state with 98.0 %. A boy from my own school had topped with 98.6 % !

    Office ! Am I the youngest one over here ?!
    btw, where do you you work and what basically is your job all about ?
    Anyway, it's good that you would be free now. I was kinda bored here.

    I live right in the capital city : Bhubaneswar. Where do you live in Mumbai btw ?
    I had been to Mumbai thrice : I was selected in the National Astronomy Olympiad twice, so been to Mumbai for the Training Camp (at IIT-B and NSC, Worli). And once more, I had been to my cousin's.
  6. nimesh
    12Jun2009 13:55
    I'm here only
    Was just tied up with office work and was unable to give more time to all this stuff
    Now I'll be little free and might end up here frequently, hehe

    btw, congrats on your great score.

    which side in Orissa do you live?
    I'd been ther once long back, in Sunabeda
  7. SaswatPadhi
    12Jun2009 11:32
    Hey nimesh !

    Where are you man ? I rarely see you online.