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  1. shabbir
  2. nimesh
    3Oct2009 17:15
    I saw the article and It's on my *To read* list
  3. shabbir
    3Oct2009 17:02
    I see your blog in blogspot and so have you read
  4. nimesh
    25Jun2009 18:11
    But even then, almost 75% of the content will not be mine
  5. shabbir
    25Jun2009 15:50
    If you post all the parts combined that can be considered as only part I is copied according to you
  6. nimesh
    25Jun2009 15:35
    Will check If I can get something useful, only from the original content
  7. shabbir
    25Jun2009 14:43
    Reference is where you have taken something from there and not where you have 75% of the complete content.
  8. nimesh
    25Jun2009 11:32
    I agree but then the my whole motive is to provide with different options available, which everyone doesn't know.

    And I don't think that wouldn't become a complete article If I posted only the original content.
    It would be like a phrase and not a sentence.

    And 1 more thing: If you don't want the content from original post, why there was a section for References
  9. shabbir
    25Jun2009 11:02
    Yes I see that and it would be good if you post the original ones
  10. nimesh
    25Jun2009 10:45
    Yeah, I thought that it can be a reason for rejection.

    But I would like to point out that there are no screenshots in the original link.

    If you see my blog
    There I have 4 parts which I was going to split into 2 articles and post.

    What I posted was only the first part [which was unfortunately almost from the ref link]
    If you see Part 3,4 from my blog, it's content is more original
    Part 4 is completely original, If I remember correctly

    Actually this was a mail that I sent to my whole office for the awareness, and also to save pages