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  1. indiansword
    21Apr2009 01:40
    thats fine put another SQLs. what i think is:

    we are now getting memembers regularly, but the old members have already gone through all the tuts which are posted, so we need some new tuts so they wil be interested again.
  2. fourthdimension
    21Apr2009 01:38
    Strangely enough, all my clients are still working on it. I'll let you know when something is found, though. I've got both cain and a local (and online) rainbow cracker working on it.
    How's everything been going for you? I've been really busy. TM seems to be taking off, though. Lots more members participating in discussions. I'm hoping to get a chance to post another video tutorial soon. Not sure what about yet. I've got a couple about sql injections, but there's already enough of those on TM.
  3. indiansword
    21Apr2009 01:08
    i am at office right now, and i hae acces to G4E ethically, so we can talk here. how are u doin, and how about the hash that u were about to try to crack?