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  1. fourthdimension
    6Oct2009 23:00
    Still no luck with TM?
  2. fourthdimension
    26Jul2009 09:36
    Didn't find a skin yet. Still looking.
  3. indiansword
    26Jul2009 09:28
    hi did u find any skin?
  4. indiansword
    7May2009 23:32
    i will correct the spelling when i reach home tomorrow, tonight is the last shift of the week YAY! so will be making some videos on backtrack in these work offs, by the way is categorized as: Food & Dining
    and rest of them didnt work either
  5. fourthdimension
    7May2009 12:02
    Here are some others. By the way, there are two typos in the subscription tm leet box on TM. The first is "started" is missing an "r", and "tm leet" has an extra " on the end.
  6. indiansword
    5May2009 23:25
    Access to has been denied by STREAM IT is categorized as: Uncategorized
    Access to has been denied by STREAM IT is categorized as: Arts

    i will need some more! because neither of them worked.
  7. fourthdimension
    5May2009 11:27
    There are two. Just different subdomains, but might have logs on different servers.
    I'll send some more when I get a chance.
  8. indiansword
    5May2009 01:34
    send me some RFI vulnerable websites, so i can access different sites through them at office lol.
  9. indiansword
    30Apr2009 09:42
    i've recommanded it to admin to start the shoutbox again. But admin is kinda against it because, n00bs keep spamming shoutbox with help rather then using forums. Anyway, i'll ask admint o make some .php rule for shoutbox if someone asks for something unusual then he'd be blocked.
  10. fourthdimension
    30Apr2009 07:51
    That's great. Sorry I couldn't transfer them for you.
    By the way... it doesn't seem like many people are using the chat room because it's it's own page and kind of separated from TM. Out of curiosity, are there any plans to put some sort of shout box back in, or are you and admin just planning on leaving it as is?