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  1. naimish
    23Jul2009 10:59
    If you will use bitadvertisers, as I am using it, they have minimum 10$ payout criteria
  2. naimish
    23Jul2009 08:20
    I have upload the code on one of my other website, let's c if it get worked today
  3. naimish
    23Jul2009 08:18
    Yup, but it's not coming blank also
  4. naimish
    23Jul2009 08:15
    I have put it in the middle of my website, It's just not showing anything. I have checked source code from brower and there it's fine, but the ads are not showing, let me try to put this code in one of my other website, will check today if it's coming there or not.
  5. naimish
    23Jul2009 07:51
    But If it is a problem, not an issue, I can remove them also
  6. naimish
    23Jul2009 07:51
    I have other advertisements of my website and haven't used Adsense before this. Other advertisements like bitadvertiser,, Linkshare and that all.
  7. naimish
    23Jul2009 07:33
    If you will check the source code, it's proper and fine, but I don't know what's wrong

    Let me put it in other pages also, Is it working somewhere else ?
  8. naimish
    23Jul2009 07:28
    Should I PM you the link again ?
  9. naimish
    23Jul2009 07:27
    Nop Buddy, not yet
  10. naimish
    13Jul2009 10:22
    May Be