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  1. indiansword
    30Apr2009 05:22
    i got those $5. From GeniusHackers as an advance for my next article.
  2. indiansword
    28Apr2009 06:08
    great that ur online, i wanted to check few things to bypass the firewall at my office.
    send me ur IP and an open port, so i can try them to access the internet.

    As u know, i wont try something that will harm u or ur computer
  3. indiansword
    27Apr2009 05:57
    m getting bored!
  4. indiansword
    27Apr2009 01:06
    i have posted a new MD5 cracking in the website, check that out
  5. fourthdimension
    27Apr2009 01:04
    lol Nice pass. I figured it had to be something long with a char set like that if my crackers weren't cracking it too quickly. What did you use to crack it?
  6. indiansword
    27Apr2009 00:21
    It should hardly take 5 mins for them to fix. I cracked that hash.

    Hash= N.i.s.h.a.n.t-S.o.n.i
  7. fourthdimension
    26Apr2009 23:38
    OK. I gave up on that hash. I think it would take a long time. ...unless it's really important.
    photobucket admins just got back to me, by the way. They're working on a fix. I'll probably wait til tonight then submit to milworm. It'll probably be fixed by then anyway. They just need to copy and paste some code from other portions of their site.
  8. indiansword
    26Apr2009 23:29
    i am back to office
  9. fourthdimension
    23Apr2009 07:10
    I'm thinking it's a pretty secure hash. Either that or I'm just having really crummy luck cracking it. I've had my computer running both rainbow cracking and brute force cracking clients on it nonstop since you sent it to me with different character sets and everything, and no luck yet.
  10. indiansword
    23Apr2009 06:46
    how abt the MD5 i sent ya?