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  1. indiansword
    3Oct2009 12:01
    Hi, my paypal address is
  2. indiansword
    29Aug2009 10:08
    One question tho... how wud i check who all voted for me? Because the polls are closed.
  3. shabbir
    12Jul2009 14:04
    You lost attachment when you moved from MyBB which I am not sure can help on this.
  4. indiansword
    12Jul2009 10:23
    i think u didnt read it properly. I WAS with myBB, now i am with vbulletin. I lost the attachments that i had with myBB. But while i was in myBB, i all the attachments and avatar were saved in "uploads" folder. SO i just backed it up. Now i after converting it to vbulletin i have lost all of it. I wanted to know how we could bring them back to posts.
  5. shabbir
    12Jul2009 10:19
    Seen that but as I am not aware of MyBB I cannot help. Yes if you want to know about vB I can definitely look into it.
  6. indiansword
    12Jul2009 02:59
  7. shabbir
    7Jul2009 10:32
    Yes I am also working on it only
  8. indiansword
    7Jul2009 10:19
    waiting for my anonimity article to be aprooved
  9. shabbir
    21Apr2009 11:26
    Add and let me know and I would add yours.
  10. indiansword
    20Apr2009 23:20
    i will do it when i reach home tomorrow.