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  1. shabbir
    26Oct2009 18:39
    see this -

    Specially for you buddy Would appreciate your comments
  2. shabbir
    26Oct2009 15:41
    If you follow 1700 people they would follow you. I am writing an article on this. It should be online in 24 hours on how to make money from twitter
  3. indiansword
    25Oct2009 19:21
    I have read at many places that twitter is a nice way. But it was hard to get followers. So yesterday i was analyzing the way they have designed and they work. Found out a vuln. and got 1300+ followers . u can check my twitter here :-
  4. shabbir
    25Oct2009 17:04
    I would suggest you couple of things

    And also this

    If you want Social Media Traffic from twitter because twitter is the best when it comes to getting clients
  5. indiansword
    25Oct2009 00:07
    wikipedia link explains "WHAT DO U MEAN BY SOCIAL NETWORKING".... what u might wanna cover in your article is.... "stumble is quite confusing... a first time user wudnt understand how it works". "what takes ur article on the first page". "how exactly it drives traffic". " whats the difference in stumble, digg etc.... which are better" etc. etc.
  6. shabbir
    23Oct2009 16:13
    I could not find much to write about apart from this one
  7. shabbir
    21Oct2009 21:48
    Interesting. Would do it
  8. indiansword
    21Oct2009 21:11
    i was wondering if u can write article abt Social marketing site like Stumble upon & digg, because i have very less knowledge abt it and m sure that many more wud like to understand it better.
  9. shabbir
    3Oct2009 13:52
    Got it Discard the previous message
  10. shabbir
    3Oct2009 13:51
    Whats your Paypal this time