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  1. indiansword
    18Apr2010 12:05
    I think you need to put "start voting for xxxx" on the index in the first row.
  2. shabbir
    15Apr2010 07:59
    Normally its in the second half of the month
  3. indiansword
    15Apr2010 00:06
    hey shabbir, when would the voting start for march-article-competition?
  4. shabbir
    7Mar2010 12:30
    its done.
  5. indiansword
    7Mar2010 12:09
    in my article, its linking to which is not operational anymore. Can you please change it to ASAP?
  6. shabbir
    6Mar2010 11:14
    I will read the complete stuff and then approve it. DO not worry
  7. indiansword
    5Mar2010 15:54
    First of all feels good to be back after sometime. BIG THANKS for referring "blueatoo" to me, if you remember she needed some help because money was getting stolen regularly from her bank account. It was a good experience to solve that case.

    I was working on another case in mumbai which was about "Identity theft". I am writing a case study which also includes "Social network -safe OR trap" which I think would be pretty interesting for people to read. I just want to confirm that you wouldn't have any issues with case study articles ? right? ANyways I haven't displayed confidential information like names and numbers.
  8. shabbir
  9. shabbir
    27Oct2009 09:29
    yeah and I am too lazy to even delete it
  10. indiansword
    26Oct2009 22:23
    how many times wud u reply to my questions on your own visitors book LOL. Anyway, thanx for ur efforts... goin through the article now.