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  1. lionaneesh
    13Jan2011 12:23
    Dropped a Article @ 13 Jan 12:39 IST on Running windows Applications in linux
  2. shabbir
    13Jan2011 11:52
  3. lionaneesh
    13Jan2011 11:35
    Dropped a Article @ 11 Jan [nite] on Sockets in C
    Dropped another Article @ 13 Jan 11:36 IST on bash simple tricks
  4. shabbir
    9Jan2011 09:55
    It is live quite some time back already.
  5. lionaneesh
    8Jan2011 19:59
    Dropped an article around 10 hrs ago...I just wanted to know if it is rejected or what...
  6. shabbir
    21Jun2010 18:33
    I did not say it is copy pasted but it is original content absolutely.

    I told that information you provided is limited and is already available on sites like Wiki and documentation.

    I never give a VM for dup articles or I may be writing VM all day.

    Your articles are original but they are so basic that the documentation of the programming lanaguage is just having all the content you provide.

    I hope you understood it.
  7. lionaneesh
    21Jun2010 16:41
    And by the way what about my other 2 tutorials I recently posted .....
  8. lionaneesh
    21Jun2010 16:40
    Sir , I disprove your comment about the "classes in Python" Tutorial ...It is my original tutorial ..With my original examples ...I have spend a large amount of time writing that and it really hurts when somebody simply says that it is copy pasted... Have a look at it Sir.... Your Wrong....Absolutely Wrong....
  9. shabbir
    19Jun2010 15:32
    Your Python Class Article could not be accepted. You provided information which is lot from either Wiki or
  10. shabbir
    18Jun2010 15:06
    OSI Model Article is approved but it had lot of editing to be done and make sure you take care of them