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  1. lionaneesh
    26Jan2011 14:24
    Hey Shabbir , I just wanted to know if you accepted my article on Virtual Machines or not!!!
  2. shabbir
    20Jan2011 20:05
  3. lionaneesh
    20Jan2011 19:52
    Hey... Shabbir I just wanted to know...Have you deleted the best article competition...
  4. shabbir
    18Jan2011 16:41
    First thing you should do is follow the guidelines. I see you have issues in maintaining the decorum of the forum.

    Now once you do that all it needs to be done to be a team leader is when you reply to threads like XP and other people do it.
  5. lionaneesh
    17Jan2011 23:35
    Hey I just wanted to know...What i can do to get Promoted to 'Team Leader' and How to be a moderator
  6. shabbir
    15Jan2011 12:10
  7. lionaneesh
    15Jan2011 09:47
    Hey I need a favor from you!!
    As you know about my thread
    I just wanted to change the thread title...from
    Beginner Programmers Who'd like to work with small prokjects
    To :-
    Beginner Programmers Who'd like to work with small projects

    Can you help me
  8. shabbir
    13Jan2011 16:22
    Please don't drop a VM after you post the articles because I have all the notifications set.

    Regarding author details do let me know what you want and I can update it for you.
  9. lionaneesh
    13Jan2011 15:02
    Dropped another article on 'Messing up the counter on web-pages'
  10. lionaneesh
    13Jan2011 12:40
    Hey Can you help me at one thing...
    How to add my details ...
    Because every time i view my articles :-
    In the author column it shows :-
    Yet to provide details about himself