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  1. shabbir
    15Feb2010 08:27
    Have you updated the profile with new pay system as Paypal will not allow personal payments anymore.
  2. shabbir
  3. shabbir
    7Jun2009 07:28
    Would you like to update your Profile with the Paypal Email Address so if you win Daily competition I can pay to your Paypal Email.
  4. shabbir
  5. shabbir
    2Feb2009 13:53
    It was by mistake where you were awarded the award for PATRON of the year.
  6. xpi0t0s
    2Feb2009 12:21
    > You are

    Hi Shabbir, just seen the above message in my profile, posted Jan 12th. I am what?
  7. shabbir
    12Jan2009 16:59
    You are