The way we discussed in PM ( with naimish ) was fine and I don't think he has done something which would cancel his nomination.

He PMed some of the members ( who commented in his articles ) to vote for him if they liked. which is perfectly fine if he is on your buddy list but some people do not prefer to get such PMs and forward it to me.

As a mod Saswat also had no idea what Naimish did ( Assuming he did not got the PM ) nor did any other person probably apart from some members me and coderzone.

I guess this was nothing for which nomination would stand cancel.

Also Saswat has also VMed many members about the competition which is perfectly fine till he does not say vote for me.

The only objectionable thing in Naimish PM was he mentioned his article link which he agreed was a self promotion and would not repeat.

Also I would suggest you can use your signature to do self promotion about the voting on this Articles.

There is also member competition for Entertainer of the years and other which is promoted using the signature by Pradeep ( He still have last years one ).

I guess we can close this topic as of now here and concentrate on other things.

Naimish you should have waited for my comments before quitting and I missed your earlier comment somehow.