anju's reply might be true but hard to understand.
and that too out of that whole post, I found only the below para related to the questions, that too not convinced as the answer

By analogy, the diagram clearly shows how "over-unity" machines can work: conventional thinking dictates that these two diagrams must be of the same area, but obviously they are not. The extra area in the lower diagram is just like free energy -- you simply need to know where to look for it. Based upon the special geometries discovered by Europium, we are now building a generator that (by fitting extra coils into the space normally occupied by standard generator coils) generates at just over 100% efficiency: In fact, its generating efficiency (as a percentage) is actually slightly over the ratio of areas of these two diagrams (due to the 3D extrapolation elucidated below).
anju: did you yourself got what that post was trying to explain ???