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We secretly conspired to perpetrate a fraud based on this diagram (although we'd collect no money -- so it wouldn't qualify as real fraud, just mischief).

By analogy, the diagram clearly shows how "over-unity" machines can work: conventional thinking dictates that these two diagrams must be of the same area, but obviously they are not. The extra area in the lower diagram is just like free energy -- you simply need to know where to look for it. Based upon the special geometries discovered by Europium, we are now building a generator that (by fitting extra coils into the space normally occupied by standard generator coils) generates at just over 100% efficiency: In fact, its generating efficiency (as a percentage) is actually slightly over the ratio of areas of these two diagrams (due to the 3D extrapolation elucidated below).

For non-believers, we will be building a permanent magnet generator. In it, the "extra space" will be filled by permanent magnets. Clearly (and completely obviously), this new generator will produce just enough higher efficiency than the best current generators to put it significantly over unity.

Europium has discovered additional geometries (which he is keeping under wraps, for now) that expand this "extra space" concept to almost 15% over unity in area. As scientists know, by extrapolating this two-dimensional gain into three dimensions, the volume gain is then 1.15 x 1.15 or 1.3225. Europium believes that this ratio cannot go beyond phi (1.618) even with future refinements, but even 1.3225 is very impressive, and would enable anyone to set up a series bank of such generators, each run from the last through efficient electric motors.

Many motors are now available with greater than 95% efficiency, so even then, the system efficiency would be about 25% over unity, per generator-motor pair, and therefore, limitless in series. Thus, anyone could generate enough electricity, for free, to supply a neighborhood, or a city. (Naysayers would say: "Well, don't you need at least a 5 HP gas engine to run the first generator?" To that, we would say "Good observation! You will need to invest in the 5HP engine, and as many generator-motor sets as you like, but you can see that, by selling the electricity, you can recoup the investment in less than a month.")