How the Competition will be conducted?

Any user can start a competition but will not be able to see the details of the competition till moderators review and compeition. Quiz / competition should have some really tough or medium problem and requires some trick or thinking to solve.

Moderator will manually assign the difficulty level to the problem.
1. Low
2. Medium
3. Difficulty
Any member can also provide the prize if he wishes to. For that he need to make it clear in the initial post or in subsequent posts.

Also note that new threads in the forum will be moderated and will not be live when you post them but the reply to the threads will be live as soon as you post them (Unless its flagged as spam).

What will be the Prizes?

There will be no prizes from but if any user / moderator / admin wishes to he can definitely do that.

What the competition / quiz should be all about?

Anything and everything that is difficult to solve and requires some tips and tricks.


Will be decided by the Quiz / Competition creator and once the competition is over a post will be made to suggest the same as well as the First post will be edited to make a note of the same by the moderator / Admin.