_______(1)______ maps the usage of the data space of the disk. It contains information about the space used by each individual _____(2)_______ , the unused ___(3)____ space and the space that is unusable due to defects in the disk. Since ______(1)________ contains vital information, two copies of FAT are stored on the ______(3)_____. In case one gets destroyed, the other can be used.

Find out (1), (2) and (3)?

(Hints:-1)No need of googling.
2)Think simple.
3) Two out of three ans are "visible" itself, only one ans is "invisible".
4) (2) contains in (1).
5) May be related to NTFS.
6) "obesity"
7) CD
8) Folder
9) DVD
10) chair and table