Mr. X is very rich. Recently he purchased "a brand new LAPTOP" and "a PDA" . I visited his home and asked him what happened sir, why are u so unhappy? He said "I purchased a new laptop(selling the old desktop) but i am missing my old desktop very much. I m not getting comfort in attaching external peripherals permanently like a desktop. When I goto office I have to remove all the peripherals from the laptop and when I return home then again I need to connect them. And what to say about my PDA..My PDA is not responding to the Stylus correctly. When I place the Stylus on the screen, the cursor is placed nearly an inch to the left. Techgeek can u help me out?? "
I helped him but now you have to tell me what
1) method I used, by which a Laptop can behave as a desktop.
2) method I used, by which a PDA can respond to the touched area correctly.
Give two ans then u win!!!