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In the book of kernighan Ritchie its mentioned C language as well.
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But how can C be written in C ??
It must be written in a language that is a predecessor to C, but not C.

Anyway, if you think the answer is C; I don't have anything to say -- I already mentioned the source according which it was in B.

So, congratz Kshiteej.
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Originally Posted by SaswatPadhi View Post
But how can C be written in C ??
If the language is renamed from its original prototype name of NB meaning New B then it's entirely possible that the very first C compiler was written in C. Remember, with the now extensive differences between B and C, DMR decided it was time for a new name. So if what defines C, specifically the types etc, existed in the NB compiler at the time that NB was renamed to C, then there is no logical problem with saying that the first C compiler was written in C, because it was all originally NB/New B, and just renamed.

Anyway as I said I think only DMR can answer this question definitively. Maybe I should ask him...
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Is there any relation between yacc and C compiler? I was going through an interview of Stephen Johnson, the developer of YACC, which mentions about the involvement of Dennis Ritchie during the development of C. If anyone has any idea please share.