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The coin read 250 B.C.
So, it was 249 BC years old.
Because, it was made in 250 BC.
So, it would be 1 year old in 249 BC, 2 yr old in 248 BC .... 249 yrs old in 1 BC.
Now, out of 249 years, for 248 years he would be given $100/year. And for the rest 1 year, $10,000.

Am I wrong ??
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Not going into the logic of BC naming because for 1 BC he should get $10k
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So how would the people who pressed the coin know it was 250BC?
In 250BC the birth of Christ was a future event whose date was unknown.
Assuming they could have known (worked it out from the Hebrew scriptures, perhaps, as the Three Wise Men might have done), how then would they have known that the calendar would be numbered from Christ's birth year?
Assuming they could have known that, how would they have known we'd get it wrong and Christ was actually born around 6BC, thus making 250BC actually 244BTABOC? (before the actual...)

The only possible explanation is that a coin stamped 250BC is a fake.