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Blue by IEC code.
White by US.

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It is PURPLE colour !!
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There is such wire or X=Null
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Originally Posted by pankaj.sea View Post
There is such wire or X=Null
BINGO!! Intelligent very intelligent...i dnt know on what logic u gave this ans..but i m explaining the logic..

refer to my question:-
"which wire COLOR in the (12*2) ATX motherboard connector of SMPS gives equal voltage with all the other wires except GREEN? (hint:- YELLOW + BLACK=12 volts and RED + BLACK=5 volts). If the color is X then (X+YELLOW=5 volt, X+ RED=5 volt, X + BLACK=5 volt etc etc but X +GREEEN= around 1 VOLT)"

for answering this question u dnt have to test ur SMPS..u just need to apply ur own resoning..
under hint facts are provided and outside hints assumptions are given in the form of "IF"

so FACT is BALCK+YELLOW=12 volts...IF X+YELLOW=5 volts and X + BLACK=5 volts...so how can be the fact BLACK+ YELLOW=12 volts..if so then BLACK + RED should also be 12 volts because assumption is X+RED=5 volts...But BLACK+RED cannot be 12 volts becoz fact is BLACK + RED=5 volts...

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Congrats Pankaj!!

Thanks techgeek.in for such question!!