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which wire COLOR in the (12*2) ATX motherboard connector of SMPS gives equal voltage with all the other wires except GREEN? (hint:- YELLOW + BLACK=12 volts and RED + BLACK=5 volts). If the color is X then (X+YELLOW=5 volt, X+ RED=5 volt, X + BLACK=5 volt etc etc but X +GREEEN= around 1 VOLT).
Hi Techgeek! Have u checked it?
According to ur question -
X + Red = 5V
X + Yellow = 5V
X + Black = 5V
Now, after measuring all voltages I found
Black + Red = 5.XX V
Red + Black = 5.XX V
And no combination gives X + Yellow = 5V only Red + Yellow gives 7.XX Volt around! Which is near by ur result!
And if I connect Black and Green it gives 4.XX volt in power off condition!