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Well I am an Auto mechanic for a few more months, then I am switching careers and going to get an AA in Bio-medical equipment repair. I just grabbed my first Linux OS a week ago and It is AWSOME !
I am fairly versed in windows. (no programming skills) I started with win 95 I have owned 98 XP Pro and now am running 7 on my BAD boy laptop. I ran a crossed this old desk top picked it up and it has Linux mint 10Jjulia gnome 32 bit. I logged on now I am hooked ! I will master this OS !!
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i am just doing my mca!!!! :wor ried: leased::ba by:
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Originally Posted by Safari View Post
So, I thought it would be nice to get everyone a little more. What do you do in life? Student? Where do you work? I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a little.

I hope this thread would get good response and we can make this sticky as well.
I am SEO Professional with
- 3500 Website experience
- 98% accuracy
- Have own SEO Company and working dedicated to my clients and showing my professionalism.

But from last 6 Months - nothing is good

trying to make best !

What about you ?
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I am a student. And i have done my diploma in electronics engineering. And now completed my degree in computer science engineering, 3 months ago. And now currently learning and developing myself in C,C++ and JAVA.
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Hi, can somebody tell me how upgrade java programming skills?
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i am computer engineering student... surviving in exams.... want to be a good engineer... and a hacker too... so i came here... i hope i will be a good hacker ...
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I'm a director to film, for Two Know Productions, for teeneagers...I make 3D designs of ponies for bronies/pronies who want to make games. I'm a weekly radio host, I'm also a musician, if anyone like electronic/orchestra/rock and pop, I make all and post on, just ask for the link if you want to go check it out.
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I am a student and my profession is working on software company.
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Just Completed Btech. And Working As SEO
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Hello Everyone!!

I'm a web developer working as a freelancer.