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Myself Vipin Verma From Delhi
I am employed as an associate system engineer at IBM
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Well I am software Engineer.
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I work as a jr seo executive.
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M in Delhi and a Software Developer at CMC Ltd, Noida.
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my profession is a teacher
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I am studied computer programming and learn more about penetrating testing.i learn more about information technology.from now i am studied with my own self.but i enroll this comming enrollment to be a professional IT expert.
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currently an active college student in Indonesia
good to know u all
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I am a network engineer and mostly new to programming. I am just looking to learn from active professional software engineers and to study. I really really love the website content so far and feel privileged to learn here.

Thank you very much for creating this. I hope I can get to a point where I will be able to contribute.
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hello i am Walter and have business of printing.
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I am working as a Customer support Executive, also a student