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i am a c++ programmer now intrested in javascript
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student and a part time worker from russia science university ..... tell me what you want and i get it 4 you and if i cant i will hack tru the walls.....hahahaha
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Software developer. Presently working mostly in Perl, but usually also using Ruby, bash, zsh, and can be beaten into using C++.
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I am a native programmer,

working as a Soft Engg..
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new to this world
help me out to something
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I work for a Telecom Service Provider, (I work in the Field). I am an IT student at UOP. New in the website design but willing to learn more every day.

Thank you
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So, I thought it would be nice to get everyone a little more. What do you do in life? Student? Where do you work? I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a little.

I hope this thread would get good response and we can make this sticky as well.
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I am a "jack of all trades" programmer. Especially with Microsoft technologies: C#.net, SQL/T-SQL, ASP.net, etc... I do a lot of subcontracting, but also author my own software products under my own brand name.

I am also interested in JavaScript, particularly jQuery.
- Ben
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i am doing MCA
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well im doing my electrical engineering!
now a days i struck in filing .wanna know about it!
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i am a student of b.c.a........
i search a job ..........