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I am Innthar and thank you for your acception.
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Hello everyone . I joined this forum quite a while ago and have skimmed through it a lot but never took the plunge to properly introduce myself. I feel very intimidated by all the 1337$ on this forum that i never wanted to ask a stupid question lol. So i need to know the steps i need to take in order to get to a 1337 status ( i know its going to take years to get there ). I figured after reading a lot of posts learning a language should be priority one, so i just installed python on both my mac and netbook pc. Purchased a python book and basically just got to the table of contents. I don't know any professional 1337$ personally, so this is my first question to any one willing to look at me and lay out goal by goal advice for my journey. Thank you for this forum and I hope to one day be a help to it as well.
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Hello! I am glad to be here. I am learning HTML, want to be web developer.
Am i too late for that? I hope ur help.
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Just stumbled upon this site today, what a gem of the internet it is. Everything seems well managed, all posts are informative and there are great articles as well.
As for me, I am Student Majoring in Economics and Minor in Computer Science as a hobby. I find it very enjoyable to learn about programming!
Thats my introduction, but I hope to get more involved with future posts.
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Hello friends,

I am new here and want to learn the depth of programming ...i am an student..and want to be a programmer...

Hope to learn many things from you all..

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Hi guys i'm a new member here. I have to say your C++ resources are extensive and thats what drew me here. Looking forward to learning a lot of things from you guys .
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hello i'am glad to be with u people computer science final year BS
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Hello everyone!
I'm new here and I'm interested in hacking one specific email account.
My father passed recently and my family and I need to get access to his hotmail.
If anyone can help, please let me know.
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Hello everybody... I am glad that I am in this forum and i own a wodpress free classifieds website .