Sup everyone. Been looking through the forums here and noticed this seems to be a friendly and knowledgeable community so I figured I'd register

About me: I've been in the hacking community for over 10 years now. I've picked up quite a bit of knowledge over there years and enjoy helping others learn while continuing to expand my knowledge as well. I program in C/C++/C#/VB(mostly when helping friends out). Thinking about picking up JAVA. For web programming im good in XHTML, Javascript, PHP, and CSS. I love to participate in online hacking games: Rootwars, Capture the flag, Hackerslab(when it was around). Hackthissite and Hellbound Hackers offer a lot of fun games to try out and expand your knowledge as well. Right now I've been writing gaming hacks for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies. If anyone wants to get in on some fun zombie hacking lemme know. I've also done some minor reverse engineering.