Hello Shabbir,

To get this topic going,well my username speaks for itself. I have been involved in the password cracking area for some time now. Back then when the microsfot"webtv" came out i was already involved in the password buisness.
Now,depending of what forum is i choose my name,for example i can give you one name: N3t.1ntruss1on, it is used as my Ethical hacking username,specialized in finding vulnerabilities in server ect.

My Main name for many years has been in Hacking forums all over the net. From regular hacking places to speciliazed ones. I also used to spend a great amount of time in Usenet.
For privacy and security reasons i "cannot" post my name here. That's because i had accessed databases i should have not ..lol

By the way Shabbir,you'redoing a great work with this forum,keeping it clean and maintaining order using rules.