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Sure, I have couple of suggestions and if anybody else anything else we can work that out as well.

1. Have a new section for competition and contest like where we add new competitions and contest section like C-C++ and go for posting each of them.
2. We can have a generalized forum for competition under the General section where anybody can create a thread and start a competition.

Both ideas are excellent. But Quiz competition should have some really tough or medium problem If it will be easy then same as querry and disscusion section.
Make sure that problem should putted in comptetion should be tough or medium like Np hard problem , any puzzle in c/c++ which is really required some tick and thinking.

One thing more when user post his quiz then moderator should give it to a difficulty level like
1. Low
2. Medium
3. Difficulty

This is just idea I mean that just give some level.