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Hi, I'm roobX
I like to figure out what makes things tick. People, electronics, cars, machines. The watch may work, but how? That's my take on things.
I aspire to being a programmer and will be formally studying it next year but I read up on it and code on my own now as well.
I use primarily Macs but since I had an incident with my Macbook and broke the screen I may replace it with an Asus EEE PC running Xandros (which I may swap out for DSL or another Linux Distro. Maybe even a Lite version of XP. Who knows).
I work as Technical Support for Road Runner (where I'm currently sitting at my desk ready to snap because this person can't spell netsh i i r r!!!). I've been here for about 2 and a half years so I'm pretty much a robot.
I like to play with my rubiks cube (hence the handle). I haven't made it quicker than 1:29 yet but I plan on learning quicker algorithms soon (no time right now).
I've come here to learn so prepare for a lot of questions. Its not that I don't know anything, its just that I want to know more. I'd rather be the dumbest person on the forum than the smartest because I know there's knowledge that I can grab if I am.
Anyway. Nice to meet you all. Thanks for having me
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roobX welcome to the forum and we are ready for your questions and discussion