i am a software engineer from mumbai and i love coding dynamic applications and love to work in a firm which has got good projects,i have 2 years of software experience as vb programmer and php/perl developer.i am current working in a reputed firm in mumbai(india).i like to work as a R & D engineer some day.I am currently working on Php-mysql on linux platform.

I believe that Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win.I have started learning programming from sept 2004 as before that i just used to enjoy life and was not at all interested in programming.But now i am Game in the world of programming. The code which i submit here is not of high standards but it is unique and interesting and mind u all of these applications which i submit here were developed in a single day within a few hours time as i am busy working in my office most of the times.So enjoy my codes and do mail me.