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Same answer amar, its all in the context.... if a judge gives punishment to hang for ten people and a murderer kills ten people... they both killed ten people, but its there context which differentiates them..
The judge for all his ten sentences he was doing his duty, while murderer for his selfish reasons..
without the context a judge is equivalent of murderer..
I know what you saying, but think of what i am saying, and you'll realise what matters is how and why rather then what...
There is no need to think so much for a simple question! Consider this example... If there is question " R u dead or alive?" The answer will be "Alive" but it can be made complicated by saying... "Somepart of body is dead like hair or few cells, others will be dying... etc.."! So, It all depends on the persons how they sees the question...! Isn't it..?