K im just wanting to point this out U MADE THE QUESTION IM ANSERWING so if you get offend im sry

First of all i would like to say our goverment as a whole for The UNITED STATES is ****** up excuess my language lets see here MEMPHIS TN crime rate has increased dramatically.
More deaths more drugs more violence more horror is happening in the US than any where else.

Recently the united states goverment created this ray gun that costed over 165 million dollars.

Honestly when the **** are we ever gonna use a ray gun unless aliens decided to come down here and start attacking us.

They could have spent that money and helped re-create the US but no they waisted it just like they waist it on corporate bailouts,wasiting money just for the hell of it doing drugs, and we all know THE GOVERMENT secretly kills ppl its obvious i mean cmon when JFk died those 2 guards just randomly walked away and 3 seconds later 2 guys walk in and shoot him they leave the guys come back hmmm wow guess it was just luck right?

also Bush is gay BUT i will say he is the only one right now that actually has greater knowledge of the war that is going on so i wish he could still stay as president until the war is over as for obama i dont know he says that he is black and that he is christian but yet he wont solot the christian flag? nor will he pray and sopposably hes a muslum which i could care less about ethenticy in the US actually it would be cool seeing a another color be our president. But if he does become the president then ahh hell is going to break loose because of the north side and west side of the US.

so basically why cant we just be like england have a king and queen until they die and thats it.

in my last words i would like to say


(i did not mean to hurt anyones feelings at all it was just something i typed and im truly sry if i did)