Just wanted to let all of you looking at this that THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. All it is is you getting money by posting this exact same ad. You don't get paid until some sucker (like me) falls for it and pays you the $15.95 to your paypal account then you just tell them to do the same thing.

Just as warning. --here is the e-mail between Jenn and I about this matter just in case you think I'm lying.

Did you know that most people will get in, even knowing its a scam?? Because it does make a lot of money. Can you imagine the money you could make if you did it daily, instead of once like me?? If people ask me ahead of time, I tell them. If they don't then I don't. If you tell people ahead of time what it is, they will still buy. I am a stay at home mom- and can completely empathize with you 100%. But I need the money just like you... I did the work for it, and if you do it, you will get your money back, easily. I am sorry. If you need to report it, then go ahead. I don't blame you. But you might want to try it out, just being honest about it. The manual said it is legal. Anyway, I told you ahead of time that it was non-refundable. I can't give you a refund, because then I'd have to refund everyone's money, and that just isnt possible. The money is long gone by now.


On 11/7/06, Denise
Of course I would tell people it is a scam!!
Especially other stay at home moms! I can't just lie
to people to try and get money back for my stupidity.
If you are so sorry why aren't you refunding my money?
I will give you until tomorrow to refund my $15.95
before I report this to the Better Business Bureau and
every other WAHM website I can find--including the
one's you have listed on.

--- Jenn Shultz <jennshultz@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Denise,
> I know that is exactly how I felt when I first got
> scammed. But I tried it
> because I wanted my money back, after the chick told
> me it was
> non-refundable (as stated in the script)-- but I
> tried it to get my money
> back, 1 1/2 months ago, and I have made over $800
> since then, from just a
> few posts in 1 day. I haven't posted it since
> because I felt bad about it.
> But I suggest you just try it to get your money
> back, and then if you dont
> wanna do it, then just quit. If you tell people it's
> a scam, then you'll
> never get your money back. But either way, I don't
> really care. I'd probably
> do it to. I'm sorry.
> Jenn
> >
> > I have looked over the materials and want my money
> > back. I was under the impression that I would be
> > processing orders for people who are actually
> selling
> > something not just getting other to sign up for
> some
> > scam and not getting paid until some person like
> me
> > falls for it. This is a total scam and I suggest
> you
> > refund my $15.95 before I go onto all of the
> websites
> > that you have posted you "job" and tell them this
> is a
> > scam.
> > Denise