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all the rock linkes

alternative rock --
punk rock --
classic rock --
heavy metal --
death metal --

love em all

btw best classic rock singers ever

Pink Flyod
Led Zepplin
Guns n Roses

the best of the best lol
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Hmmmm i hate rap
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Psychodelic Trance, Electronic, Techno, House...
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i listen to rhythm and soul..i like playing some rNB love songs on my ipod..its a good way to relax and feel good.
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I love rock music at all...It heals when I am lonely.I love rock so much which my head always gonna head bang.I like the way to become rockers..
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i love listening to instrumental music. i love piano and saxophone.. among the instrumental artists, i like kenny g. he's the best!
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I love rock, Sonata Arctica and all the others, Sometimes Rap, dance music and I even do some classic once a year. Any music thats nice, when I am at a Braai I listen to Afrikaans music.
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i love sufi music.
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any kind of music depending on my mood.. i am flexible when it comes to music i can jive to any type.
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I hear all types of musics. But i like classical types of musics very much. Hearing this i got a very pleasure in my mind. Classical music is very cool and good for knowledge development.