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Ofcourse thats the best time of life without any wories..........
Swati Paliwal's Avatar, Join Date: Jan 2012
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yes........ i miss my childlife soooo muchhhhh
silvan4now's Avatar, Join Date: Oct 2011
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it is snowing out there and believe me skying is all that i am dreaming about my childhood
neeraj_77's Avatar, Join Date: Aug 2011
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Ofcourse! I really miss my childhood. That was the good and funny time.
mirandu85's Avatar, Join Date: Aug 2011
the good old days when there was nothing out there to do and just sit and wait for things to happen
noblewebtech's Avatar
Yes, I really miss my childhood............
vinodkunwar's Avatar, Join Date: Mar 2012
Ya really I miss my childhood and especially schooling life when we had a lot of enjoy that days.
MrDuma's Avatar, Join Date: Dec 2011
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those were the best years ...i would like to think my children would have at least half of the fun i did
Colpini.rc1's Avatar
YEs, I miss very much. i wish I could back in my childhood.
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I miss my childhood. It was awesome days.