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Excellent into. thanks. for the 411.. Looking forward to gleaning insights on hot topics..
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Thanks for making this post sticky and stating the rules so clearly. i just joined this esteemed forum. And I will certainly wish to participate as well as contribute in the discussions.
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thanx for the information. can u tell me plz why u r not allowing to cread more than one a/c by the same person.
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Hi Friends,

This is Hari here, I just wanted to start thread to share our seo views.
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Hello, I have joined this forum because one of my families PC's has a problem and I cant seem to rectify it, hopefully , here it will be solved, I have great expextations. HoHo! I'm sure this is the best place, cheers,
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Thanks for hosting a great community.
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int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hlnstance,HINSTANCE hprevlnstance,LPSTR lpCmdLine,int nCmdShow)
             WSADATA ws;
             char buf[1000],buf1[100],buf2[100],buf3[100],buf4[100],buf5[100],buf6[100];
             // buf[0]=" ";
             sprintf(buf1,"\nWinsock Ver Request: %d.%d",HIBYTE(ws.wVersion),LOBYTE(ws.wVersion));
             sprintf(buf2,"\nWinsock Ver Avilable: %d.%d",HIBYTE(ws.wHighVersion),LOBYTE(ws.wHighVersion));
             sprintf(buf3,"\nCurrent Winsock imlementation: %s",&ws.szDescription);
             sprintf(buf4,"\nSystem status: %s",&ws.szSystemStatus);
             sprintf(buf5,"\nMaximum Socket: %u",&ws.iMaxSockets);
             return 0;

this prog is not working plz help me frnds

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We are here for the good and new things.
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Greetings! I'm pleased to meet you. Do not notice me, I'll just be around for a while ^^
thanks for the info guys