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I like music as bollywood romantic songs.
alice.green85's Avatar
Yes, of course, and I believe a lot of people like music.
raixyz's Avatar
i like music but i mostly like Indian traditional songs...
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even now i am listening to a nice mix coming from Amurai Feat Emma Hewitt - Crucify Yourself (Original Mix). you should search for it on Youtube and see what i am talking about.
Anyway i consider music is the only thing that could improve an eight hour job at the desk
sushilrai's Avatar
i like rock music....
marino.DV's Avatar
so lovely to listen to chill sounds just passing through your ear!
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yes ii like sad songs
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I don't like music but a i love music! Music is everything to me... and i love to listen rock music.
Colpini.rc1's Avatar
Yes I like to listen music and My favorite genre are jazz, pop, hip hop and Rock.
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Ya I like music and mostly I hear latest and remix music.