I believe that the meaning of life is to serve God and help others. At the same time, enjoy the pleasures that God has made possible for us like the simple things that we sometimes overlook. For example, many take for granted the fact that we could taste. All food could have just tasted the same but God gave us the pleasure of enjoying different flavors. And each person has different favors which shows that we are all very unique. Another thing is sight. We could've all just seen in black and white. I know the older people remember when the first color TV came out. But we already have the best HD color TV, our eyes. Another thing is smell. Smell is used for us to detect danger. But don't we all enjoy a home cooked meal when we can smell it from the living room? All these things are the simple stuff that God has given us. So i believe that the meaning of life is to demonstrate our gratitude for these things by doing what God wants and pleasing him for making this all possible.