I am typically the type of person to find my own mistakes as i feel that if it takes me hours to do so i will learn the lesson more thoroughly, so i typically spend time thumbing the tabs of Notepad++ holding the applications i have written, but i am at a total loss with Swing. I am in school trying to learn the language . I usually make sense of the matter in time, but the JavaDocs are so ambiguous, and that lack of specificity leaves me at a loss with swing. In my example here i use an array of objects that as far as the code here is concerned is irrelevant. When i attempt to add button functions to my application it returns with an error stating that it is not an abstract and does not overwrite the default. I have a vague understanding what this means but when i researched deeper into the abstract keyword i found that was not where my problem lied either, and if it were my problems are even larger than i had previously assumed. My assumption is that my problem lies in that i have not specified a subclass of the class that extends Jframe to implement ActionListener and yet further specify mehtods to do so however i have seen applications that work without the need for implementation. This is for a final project. I am not asking for the answer but if anyone can point me toward it I would much appreciate it. While i udnerstand the basics of the language syntax, structure, etc but when implementing code into my own (from APIs) i find that with out seeing what i am working with i do not know exactly how to use it as the API documentation is very vague. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,