Hello members

I will try my best but I'm afraid to say I'm not very good with introductions so here I go. My real name is Ben Moore and I live in England, I'm very interested in computer forensics and ethical hacking, I hope one day to be a ethical website exploiter but at the moment thatís far beyond the horizon, without trying to brag I am the best in my current Ict class as I take a pride in Ict and technology, I love writing programs and scripts, it makes me tingle when I know I've done a good job at the moment I can write in C++ ,Visual Express, Html, PHP, ECMAScript, I should point out where I stand on Javascript, I hate it but I'm forced to use it lol I would shoot Brendan Eich for making that unstable pierce of rubbish, I also use some other not very well known languages that I've taught myself in the past years.

My current goal is like I've said to be a ethical website exploiter but some of my other ambitions is to learn a second speaking language, go travelling when my sturdyís are over and to actually learn a musical instrument .
So my main ambition here is to learn and to make ebuddys lol and to help other people or perhaps to help me as Iím sure there are lots people can teach me, so thanks for reading my introduction and I hope to hear from some members , so now I'm going to check out some of the forums.