In the majority of companies, hiring people goes well beyond asking for the usual qualifications. Whether you are hiring the person as a babysitter, contractor, or CEO, it is just as important to do an employee background check.

Only if you conduct a proper employee background check can you be definite that people are not misrepresenting themselves. Knowing how to do an employee background check

is very important nowadays. There are thousands of people who have already been victims of different fraudulent tactics of scheming employees. Thus, it really pays to do an employee background check on the people you hire.

Here are the legal aspects to consider.

1. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under the provisions of the FCRA, your company is required to obtain from the applicants a disclosure form granting authorization to conduct a pre employment background checkk.

2. The Driverís Privacy Protection Act. Usually, the personal information of an individual cannot be released if the person requesting it does not have a permissible use.

3. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under ADA, employers are
prohibited to use medical or disability data in their pre employment background check

4. Other legal provisions. Different states have different legal frameworks, such as the Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act which exists in California.

Before going a little too deep into the background of a new hire avoid stepping on a potential legal landmine during the pre-employment background check.