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Originally Posted by Scripting View Post
My hobbies: Programming, C++, hacking, learning, math, physics, tennis, aggressive inline skating ...
programing as a hobby; now here is someone who needs some free time :P
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Just listening music and chat...
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same with music and just stay on the web and do nothing
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my hobby is c programming,games,films.
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lol on c programing. i mean i don't see how programing could even be considered a hobby
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My Hobbies are Listening to Music and Travelling.....................
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My hobbies are playing table tennis and football with my friends, hanging out with friends, watching movies and listening music and also do forum posting as my hobbies.
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Searching new things in Google world.
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My hobbies are painting, reading books and watching movies!!!
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Gardening, reading books and watching movies are my hobbies