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Skrewing the people in positive way....
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Thats a rare thing I have heard as an hobby. Keep it up

Can you give some example.
emelhairus9's Avatar, Join Date: Mar 2009
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eating.. reading.. surfing the net.. watching movies..
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Surfing net, so much talk, coding etc
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drinks [whiskey]. hacking, puzzles, girls, smoking weed, snooker and swimming sometimes
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crazy to make new friends, net surfing, programming etc
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Reading, C++, game programming, psp portals, writing codes for friends, sometimes sudoku, and listening to music's Avatar, Join Date: Feb 2008
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Intrested in cultural activity...
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my hobbies are dancing ,listening music
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John Hoder
My hobbies: Programming, C++, hacking, learning, math, physics, tennis, aggressive inline skating ...