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i just wanna know what some of your hobbies are.

mine = programming, sudoku, electronics, metalworking, math, and boxing.
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C++, Programming, Finance and Making friends.
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programming, learning new stuff, watching anime and playing footballa nd realxing
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surfing the net, sudoku(sometimes), driving, mobiles. etc
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programming, downloading pirated softs. swimming. etc
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Programming, logic puzzles of all kinds, music (main instrument sax but also play others), motorcycling. I'm also a follower of Jesus (hence the nick - it's from the Greek for "Christ").
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you know what a strange on of mine is, i like to debug programs, like html, c++ and stuff like that... i don't know why but its fun. so if you have somthing you want me to debug feel free^^ might keep be busy for a few days^^
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Programming, Reading , Listening Music, Travelling and so on................................there is a huge list
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my hobbies are listening to my favorite musics, surfing the net,go out with my friends, bar hopping, texting..and of course go out with my girlfriend...i loved it so much!!!!
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Reading, Coding, Listening to Music