Hello friends.

I'm shAq. My first programming language was C. Then, I tried some assembly but let go of it as i did not need it except for good grades. Then I got hooked to C#. I haven't done anything major with .NET framework but i've been working with it for my own pleasure since .NET 1.0 till 2.0. My PC couldn't handle 3.0 and later so had to stop .NET. But as soon as i get a new pc, i'll get back to it.

Then for my living, i TOUCHED Java, JSF at first [Don't know much about it, though.]. Right now i work in data warehousing so basically all i program now is korn shell scripts and sql queries and procedures. But i'm just a beginner at those as well. I'm trying to better myself.

I think i'll like this forum and the discussions here.

With regards,