Hello everyone! I am new to the site and I am looking for help with a project. I am not sure where to post this so I hope this is okay here. I am an administrator for a Starcraft league site and I am interesting in hiring someone to build me a simple anti-hack client for our league. What I want for features is pretty basic, this is what they are:

1. Random screenshots to be taken during a game
2. IP address of player running client
3. A line of text to be displayed in a message at the start of the game so when we watch replays we know it was running.
4. Some sort of encryption on the folder this data stores on the players computer so they cannot alter it so we can request the folder and open it for review.

Please no silly scam attempts, I am not going to just send money to someone because they say they can do it. If interested please post below or PM me. Thanks everyone!