Hey everyone, my name is Brett. But all my friends call me Lu, short for Lucifer. It is a really long story to get in but long story short I have had the nickname for over five years, so please call me Lu. I am somewhat new to the Programming world, I have been in Computer Programming I, for about a month and three weeks. I have always loved computer, but until recently never thought of it as a Career, but during the summer I made my decision and forth I plan to become a Computer Programmer, Computer Designer, and Game Programmer. I really never thought of it, until I realized my true love for Computer's and their language. I am only learning Visual Basic .net, but when I am given the chance learn more Computer Languages I will due to the fact I wish to learn them all in time. Well, I just thought I would tell you all my story, and thank you for lasting long enough to finish it. I hope to hear from some of you soon.