Alright, it is obvious this message board was designed for IE. So all bugs listed below can only be recreated on the most recent version of Firefox (as far as I know).

Bug above: I cannot recreate because in the standard editor with options, there are no options. I see the buttons, I click them, nothing happens. There are no tool tips. I think the buttons will work while creating a new thread, otherwise I would be able to recreate it in the reply window.

Bug 2: The WYSISYG editor just plane doesn't work in Firefox, I normally like to use these kinds of editors but the textbox for that selection seems to be created as a Read Only textbox in Firefox, works perfectly in IE 7.

Bug 3: The navigation bar above all this... My go4expert, FAQ, Members List, etc... Well, the Search and Quick Link items have a down arrow in IE, there is no down arrow in Firefox, the search button when clicked brings u to a entire new search screen, not a search box. Quick Links seems to just refresh the page and scroll down 3-5 lines.

I really hope this is just my computer. Again, this only happens in Firefox, IE 7 works like a charm.